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September 1, 2019

Welcome Hu Wang - Postdoctoral Scholar jointly advised between the ZAP and Sessler Groups, coming to us from Prof. Feihe Huang’s labs at Zhejiang University!

July 29, 2019

Welcome Aja Nicely (UT summer (incoming) grad)!

July 22, 2019

Welcome Henry Cater and Meghan Kiker (UT summer (incoming) grad)!

July 15, 2019

Welcome Lynn Stevens (UT summer (incoming) grad)!

June 18, 2019

Welcome Jin Young Yoo (UT undergraduate)!

June 11, 2019

Welcome Kamal Tijani (Welch Summer Scholar)!

April 28, 2019

Welcome Alyssa Chamseddine (UT undergraduate)!

March 15, 2019

Welcome Dowon Ahn - First Postdoctoral Scholar in the ZAP Group, coming to us from the Scott Polymer Dojo!

February 1, 2019

Welcome Clotilde Tagnon (UT undergraduate)!

October 30, 2018

Welcome Jacob Sass (UT undergraduate)!

October 19, 2018

Welcome ZAPGroup (@ZPageGroup) Twitter to the Twitterverse!

October 5, 2018

Welcome Kun-You Chung, Kimberly (Kimi) Bourland, Alex Stafford, Adrian Rylski, and Marshall Allen - First official UT graduate students in the Page Research Group!

July 17, 2018

Welcome Christian Schonhoeft (UT undergraduate)!

July 9, 2018

Welcome Alex Stafford (incoming Chemistry Graduate student) and Kaihong Sun (UT undergraduate)!


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